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Hi there!

My name is Veronika, a unit still photographer from Prague, Czech Republic, but based in London for the past 13 years! Originally a hospitality industry professional, I decided to swap shakers for a camera at the age of 27 and became a photographer.

Now, with five incredible years behind the lens, I've been lucky enough to capture all kinds of moments that make storytelling come alive, from snapping shots across feature films, indie projects, short films and TV series to events, and studio portraits as well as being an observer of the behind the scenes machine.

This has provided me with a deep understanding of the unique demands and dynamics of each film set, as well as the ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. 

I am well-versed in collaborating with directors, cinematographers, and production teams to ensure that my photographs align with the overall vision of the project. Great images are your film’s business card, which is why stills photography should be an important part of every film production.

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